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Meanwell Portable Type: Metal Enclosure Charger

Meanwell Portable Type: Metal Enclosure Charger

Charger- External Battery Charger

Wattage :


Standard type highly reliable wide voltage range charger

Metal enclosure for better heat dissipation , leading lower touch temperature

Easy and flexible adjustment:
‧ Charging voltage adjustable through front panel (10.5~15.2V, 21~30.4V, 42~60.8V)
‧ Charging current adjustable through panel (50~100% of rated current)
‧ 2 or 3 stage selectable by DIP S.W. on front panel

Protections: Short circuit, over voltage, over temperature, battery reverse polarity

Comply with UL/EN62368-1 and IEC60335-1/2-29 dual certifications

Multiple DC output plugs selectable: Anderson, terminal block and 4 pin power pin

3 years warranty


New models:
NPB-120 / NPB-240 / NPB-360

Old models:
PA-120 / PB-120