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Unit dictionary definition

We unite strands to make a rope. The states of North America united, form one nation. Headquarters and support functions without wartime missions are not considered units. An individual, group, structure, or other entity regarded as an elementary structural or functional constituent of a whole. Any specified amount of a quantity, as of length, volume, force, momentum, or time, by comparison with which any other quantity of the same kind is measured or estimated. The dollar is the standard unit of currency in the US. The standard unit of currency in the US is the dollar.

In turn, words are combined to form other elements of language, such as phrases (“a red rock”, “put up with”), clauses (“I threw a rock”), and sentences (“I threw a rock, but missed”). The Open Education Sociology Dictionary is a free online dictionary for students, teachers, & the curious to find meanings, examples, pronunciations, word origins, & quotations.

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Standard unit designs for common facilities assist larger contracting options, and reduce load on supervisory and adjudicative agencies. A clinical quantity used when a substance cannot be readily isolated in pure form and its activity determined directly. Also calledunit’s place. The position of the first digit to the left of the decimal point. One of the individuals, parts, or elements into which a whole may be divided.

Unit dictionary definition

Wittgenstein’s thought transitioned from a word as representation of meaning to “the meaning of a word is its use in the language.” In many languages, the notion of what constitutes a “word” may be learned as part of learning the writing system. This is the case for the English language, and for most languages that are written with alphabets derived from the ancient Latin or Greek alphabets.


When no other term can be used to describe its need. Also, can be used to label objects that suck. It’s all about the emphasis on ‘unit’. The usage Unit dictionary definition derives from both ‘dude’ and ‘cock’. ‘Dude’ is more often complimentary while ‘cock’ is sometimes just ‘cock’ and other times ‘cock’ is derogatory.

The word unit started out in math but has branched out to refer to any singular thing that is part of something larger. Each apartment in a building is a unit. A unit can also be a small group that fits into a larger social organization, like a military unit or a family unit.